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1-Know India Programme is run by the government of India for the youth of Indian Diaspora in the age group of 18 – 26 years to familiarize them with India. Persons of Indian Origin from all over the world are eligible. NRIs are not eligible for this programme.

2-The content of the programme may include the following:

a.Presentation of the country, political process, development in various sectors
b.Interaction with educational institutes- students and faculty
c.Taking part in cultural programmes
d.Visit to a village
e.Exposure to Media
f.Visit to Historical places
g.Exposure to Yoga
h.Call on high dignitaries

3-The applications may submitted through the Embassy of India. The participant is provided hospitality - boarding, lodging in Govt. Guest house or budget hotel and internal travel - in India.
4-On completion of the programme, 90% of the airfare is reimbursed to the participant through the Embassy.
5-The details of the Programme and guide lines for application can be seen on the website: (Services >> Diaspora Services) >> Know India Programme)