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Attestation of DocumentsThe Consular Section of the Embassy performs notary duties by way
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of attesting documents. 

The following types of documents are generally attested:

S.No Documeny Type Fees
1. Commercial Documents 62 +2
2. Power of Attorney (related to non-property matters) 16 +2
3. Power of Attorney (related to property matters) 25 +2
4. General Attestations. 16 +2
5. Attestation of documents in case of death of Indian national Gratis (death certificate Euro 1)


1- For any of the above services, the original document should be submitted along with a photocopy of the same. In case of power of attorney, the original document should be submitted with 2 photocopies.
2- In case of the power of attorney:

(a) Power of attorney is to be signed by the person and two witnesses, in the presence of the consular officer of the Embassy.

(b) The person and the two witnesses should being an identification document (identity card / passport / PIO card / OCI card) in original, and its two photocopies.

3- Please also NOTE: The Embassy does not attest any certificate issued in India. Such attestations are done within India only through the process of apostille. The procedure of apostilling/legalising a document in India is explained at URL . A document apostilled in India does not need attestation by the Embassy of India.